The Best Online Collaboration Software for 2022

This transition has led to a rise in tools that allow these workers to accomplish their work tasks and remain in constant contact with their management, colleagues, and clients. You can access Google Drive and manage your documents from anywhere since Google has provided mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Try the free plan first, and upgrade to the business plan with extensive file storage, offering unlimited collaboration tools. Basecamp has been around for years, but it remains a firm favourite for its simple interface and intuitive functionality. To keep projects on track, collaboration between teams is essential when your personnel are working remotely.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Beat the skills shortage at home and get your world-class offshore development team in India. Plus when you use remote collaboration Focus Mode, you’re silencing notifications that would otherwise interrupt your workflow and get you off track.

Remote Collaboration Tools

Some benefits of remote work include 77% of employees considering themselves more productive in remote roles, with 74% of workers becoming more loyal to their company. A report published by Harvard Business Review stated that collaborative activity is the ‘secret sauce’ that inspires creativity. It enables virtual teams to make innovative and creative new products, communicate better, and promotes productivity.

  • That way, you can share presentations and work as you communicate with the remote content team.
  • Slack Slack is an online messaging platform that helps teams stay connected in a way that’s flexible and inclusive.
  • They have helped teams spread across countries and time-zones to drive forward development even at the height of our Pandemic lockdown.

They will enable and improve your remote content team collaboration. That means your remote content team can increase their productivity and maintain open communication channels at all times. Your company will enjoy an increased number of ideas and successful content campaigns. There have been many tweaks to the use of video conferencing culture over the last year. Some remote workers found that video conferencing can be intrusive when at home.

Time-management tools

Employees can also take advantage of options like viewing ongoing projects’ status, file-sharing, and receiving feedback on current work. The platform can be used on desktop and mobile, and supports integration with services like Zendesk, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. Modern age and various unprecedented circumstances have pushed a large part of the global workforce to go mobile and/or start working from home.

For some organisations this is a quiet time, while others are more active than ever in response to new challenges. Either way, this enforced distancing period sets up an experimental opportunity. Attitudes and minds are open – and software companies offer an array of free trials.

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